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Career pathways

Our employee development programme enables employees to fully realise their potential and offers them a choice of career paths to explore. Whether at the beginning of their career or at managerial level, working in a retail outlet or at Group headquarters, our employees are given ongoing support with their development at REWE Group.

We offer a selection of career pathway models at REWE Group:

  • Linear career pathway: This is the classic career pathway to a managerial position with staff reporting to you.
  • Specialist career pathway: This career pathway exists for specialists who wish to continually expand their specialist knowledge and advise colleagues and clients on their specialist areas.
  • Project career pathway: Employees with a particular focus on project management tasks may choose this career pathway to become an experienced project manager.

Numerous career pathways exist in Group retail and tourism divisions, such as:

Career pathway in head offices, taking Category Management and Purchasing as an example:

Employees in head offices are offered a broad range of personal and professional development options. These options are, of course, always tailored to the needs of each individual when it comes to career pathways, such as in the areas of category management and purchasing.

We offer a REWE Group Management Academy for employees who wish to pursue a management career pathway.

Career pathways in Sales and Distribution:

When working in our retail outlets, you work closely with customers and are approximately halfway up the career ladder as we support you with further personalised training.

The management programme for our employees in retail outlets features built-in qualifications to help you work towards becoming a store manager. Development opportunities are also provided for sales team members to help them become regional managers, an independent REWE salesperson, or in similar roles at our head offices.

Career pathway in Logistics:

Whether you are still in training or have been working for many years: we are there to support you in the complex area of logistics from the beginning. We’ll support you with approaches and strategies to help you best deal with the new challenges you face on an ongoing basis.

The management development programme for logistics is aimed at current and future logistics managers. The programme offers a comprehensive range of key seminars to prepare you for the various levels of leadership levels, such as team, department, and/or warehouse management.

Career pathway in Tourism taking a travel agency as an example:

DER Touristik has created a range of programmes to offer attractive career prospects to tourism sales staff in our travel agencies.

The development programme consists of seminars and training sessions for a career in the travel industry. The programme also provides training to help people with professional development for careers in travel events or business travel.