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Continuing education at REWE Group

Continuing education

No one who works for us stays in the same place for long. We are in constant motion, ensuring that you as a fellow proponent of the retail and tourism industry receive the comprehensive further training necessary to drive you forward. That applies just as much for our executives, store employees and headquarters personnel as for our trainees. The opportunity to shape your own development applies for every single employee. This is an integral part of our corporate culture and one of the corner stones of our international success.


Jobs with prospects

It will be your ideas, your creativity and your engagement that will make the difference at REWE Group. In turn it is our responsibility to make a difference to you, which we will do by offering the career development opportunities which are right for you. In doing so we make sure that the focus of this development is on your individual talents, which we will uncover and enhance over the course of seminars, training courses and coaching programmes.

Human Resource Development

Continuing education for you as an individual is part of your job description

We support our employees on all fronts and in all areas with coordinated programmes and individualised career paths.

Us as an employer

The REWE Group as an employer.

You like to keep on the move? We do too. As one of Europe's leading trading and tourism groups, we offer our employees jobs that are interesting and varied. And we want each and every one of our just under 330,000 employees to feel that they are taken care of. That's why at the REWE Group, you can expect flexible working time models, company healthcare support, and training fine-tuned to your individual needs.

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