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REWE Group-Trainee Programmes

You are really enthusiastic about the diverse world of trading and consider yourself a generalist who is interested in different fields within an international trading company. If you are also a graduate from a university or a university of applied sciences with an above-average degree in a business-related subject, are fluent in English and can, ideally, also demonstrate proficiency in another foreign language, then REWE Group’s Trainee Programme is just what you are looking for.

The eighteen-month Training Programme gives you the chance to get to know all aspects of REWE Group, from the stores to the headquarters. The compulsory components of the programme include a four-month store phase in which you will work in our branch stores, shadow the district manager and take on an assignment abroad. The rest of the REWE Group-Trainee Programme is configured to the individual needs of each participant, so that your personal skills and potentials can be identified and fostered. You will be given a say in what assignments you take on for the various Strategic Business Units within REWE Group. In this way, you will have a decisive influence on the design of your personal Trainee Programme.

Throughout the entire course of the Trainee Programme you will gain deep insights into the structures and processes of our various Strategic Business Units and central divisions by participating in important strategic projects in Germany and abroad. We therefore expect an above-average level of motivation and great flexibility.

During your time as a trainee you will receive intensive individual support from HR Development. You will be assigned a personal mentor from the management team to assist with your professional and personal development.

Please apply only for job vacancies that are currently advertised. You will find them in our Trainee Job Exchange.