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Division trainee programmes Headquarters

The Division Trainee Programmes run by REWE Group offer university graduates with a degree in various subjects an opportunity to make an interesting start in a professional career that offers both variety and excellent prospects. These are field-specific trainee programmes, offered in various corporate divisions, including: Category Management/Purchasing, Strategic Purchasing, Business Development & Consulting, Auditing, Group Accounting, and HR, HR Development and Quality Assurance.

Your assignments during the eighteen-month training programme will be geared to your respective focus. But you will also spend time in a series of positions in relevant interface areas and stores. To this end, you may be assigned to a region or posted abroad. There is scope for choosing your particular assignment as part of the comprehensive programme. For example, in the programme for Category Management/Purchasing Full-Range you can opt for: store assignment in a REWE store, shadowing a district manager, strategic purchasing, quality assurance, marketing, deployment in category management in a region, or purchasing at Billa Austria.

The on-the-job experience during your respective postings will be enhanced by a range of seminar courses covering topics such as the principles of negotiating and communicating, presentation or facilitation. In addition, trainees will attend events designed to enable them to build and strengthen their own networks. The objective of the Division Trainee Programme is to prepare REWE Group trainees to perform specialist and leadership functions. The assignment plan is individually coordinated with each trainee, HR Development and the respective specialist field on focus.

There are no fixed dates for commencing the Division Trainee Programme. Traineeships are made available as required. Please apply only for job vacancies that are currently advertised. You will find them in our Trainee Job Exchange.