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Set our products in motion

In our Logistics department, many small factors come into play to transport large quantities of goods. Here, transport and shipping services encounter the organisation of material flows, warehousing as well as loading and unloading. In addition to a range of tasks, logistics offers an array of possibilities to set your own career in motion.

Opportunities and positions in our Logistics headquarters

  • As Warehouse Manager, you will coordinate relevant warehouse areas, ensure and optimise individual process operations and promote proactive involvement among your employees.
  • As Site Fleet Manager, you will have a high level of responsibility for people and vehicles. For this reason, you both know how to motivate your employees and are able to handle complex tasks such as appointments, loading and disposition of vehicles.
  • Team Leaders play a key role: In Picking, you ensure that the picking and packing of items for our stores runs smoothly and as required; Team Leaders in Goods Receipt organise the flow of goods from disposition through to acceptance and inspection.
  • As Goods Flow Manager, you guarantee timely acquisition and manage the additional flow of goods from warehouse processing to receipt of goods by customers.

What sets you apart and how you make a difference

In addition to specialist knowledge of logistical relationships and processes, you possess high social competence, leadership skills, organisational expertise and you are eager to get involved. You overcome challenges with tact, and are open and flexible with employees and customers.