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You make a difference in the digital world

And the digital world makes a difference to us. For this reason, at REWE Systems we are developing efficient IT systems for the retail environment, overcoming challenges with innovative technologies and optimising REWE Group's existing applications. Approx. 1,000 IT specialists – professional business analysts, software developers and systems specialists – come together in this department. They are all working to develop smart information and telecommunications tools for one of the leading retail and tourist groups. These tools will guarantee a modern digital infrastructure for all departments in REWE Group.

Clever IT processes are integral to our success. Therefore, at REWE Systems, you will carry great responsibility for complex tasks such as:

  • Developing various software systems – also for mobile terminal devices
  • Creating, maintaining and expanding programs and interfaces according to architectural standards
  • Assuming responsibility for operations and the stability of the web server infrastructure
  • Providing support
  • and comprehensive process management for merchandise management