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Student internship: FAQs

Would you like to gain work experience with the REWE Group? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Who can do an internship?
We offer internships to students on bachelors, master and diploma programmes, to secondary school students, and to people who are retraining.

How long does a student internship at REWE Group last?
We ask students in third level education to allow the time to do a 3 to 6-month placement. Shorter placements are also possible for secondary school students’.

In what professional areas does REWE Group offer student internship?
It is possible to do a work placement with us in any professional area. The most common areas people opt to do work placements in are:

  • Controlling / Finance / Accounting
  • Purchasing / Category Management
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Sales

What areas currently have work placement positions available?
You can find the current available positions on our job vacancies page.

Is it possible to send a speculative application?
Yes, it is. Please include information about the professional area you would like to do a work placement in and when you are available.

How does REWE Group choose interns?
Selection is based on the given job requirements. First of all, we look through the submitted application documents. Previous practical experience in the relevant professional area is desirable. An internationally-oriented outlook is a bonus, as is being involved in extra-curricular activities. Also, as your personality and character are important for us, in addition to your professional experience, we will carry out an interview with you in the professional area you are interested in.

Does the REWE Group also offer internships abroad?
If you are interested in doing a work placement abroad, please contact the relevant international branch.

Interested? We look forward to receiving your application!