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Students can also make a difference

Start with us as a working student or do our student internship. If you are already near the end of your studies, you also have the opportunity to write your thesis with us. Curious? Then find out how you, with REWE Group, can take the first important steps of your career.

Show us what you can do – in an internship

As part of an internship, you will get acquainted with one of our speciality divisions and gain initial career experience. You should have already completed the first semester of your studies and have three to six months time. Take the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice.

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More than a "student job"

If you would like getting a behind-the-scenes look at REWE Group as a working student, you can look forward to an astounding variety and range of tasks, divisions and job descriptions. Get your start at REWE Group as a working student and supplement your studies with practical experience in one of our areas – you see what we mean by an astounding variety!

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Nearly finished – "only" have your thesis left?

It's not always easy to find the right topic for the thesis. Would you like to do a bachelor, master or diploma thesis that has real-world applications – and even be supported by experts when writing it? Interested? Then write your thesis with us! As part of an internship, you have the opportunity to link a research topic with the daily operations and on-going projects from one of our specialist departments. We are very open to your topic suggestions that pertain to our field of activity as a retail and tourism company. If you would like to submit a proposal for a thesis and have a minimum of three months time available, you can submit a speculative application. Please indicate the specialist department in which you could imagine writing your thesis and the time period you would be available to us.

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