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Application process and job vacancies page: FAQs

Would you like to apply for a position at the REWE Group? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Questions about the application process in general:

How long should I plan to spend on my online application?
If you have prepared all of your documents, you’ll need about 5-10 minutes for the application process.

Is there a maximum file size for attachments?
The maximum size for all documents is 20 MB. 10 MB is available for your CV and references, and 10 MB is also the maximum file size for your cover letter.

What format should my application documents be in?
Only one field is provided to upload your CV and references. Therefore, both documents must first be merged into one PDF file before they can be uploaded.

Free programs for merging multiple PDF files are available for download online. The cover letter is uploaded separately and can therefore be in PDF or Word format.

Who can I contact if I experience technical problems during the online application process?
Each job advert includes a phone number in case you need to contact us.

For which browser has the application system been optimised?
The application assistant is optimised for all standard browsers. If you experience problems, please check the settings of your pop-up blocker and delete the previous history, cookies and cache.

General questions about the application process:

Should I apply online or by post?
If possible, please use our online application form for your application, as this application channel ensures the fastest possible submission and guarantees that your documents are seen and reviewed in a timely manner. The online application process also offers the best protection of your personal data, as it is immediately forwarded to the responsible recruiter. Other advantages of the online application process include significant time savings and savings on the costs of the application portfolio and stamps.

What is the online application process like at the REWE Group?
You can find a guide that takes you through each step of our online application process here (in German).

Are there any special considerations I need to keep in mind when applying for an apprenticeship?
Is this application process different? Aside from the first step—registration in the Talent Community—the application process is different. You can find further information about the apprenticeship application process here (in German).

Which documents should I include with my application?
A complete application includes the following documents:

  • An engaging and compelling cover letter in which you state the reason you are applying for the position and your interest in our company
  • A complete CV in table format with an overview of your previous activities at prior employers
  • School, vocational training, internship and employment references that are relevant for the job you are applying for
  • A current and professional application photo (optional)
  • Where applicable, continuing education and training certificates

Can I also submit an unsolicited application?
If you do not find an appropriate position on our job portal, you can also submit an unsolicited application and describe your ideal job in your application. To submit an unsolicited application, you can find our online forms for your unsolicited application in the middle section of this website.

Can and should I apply for multiple positions?
If you find several suitable positions in our job portal, you may apply for several positions individually.

Please note that recruiters can see how many jobs you have applied for in the history and if they see multiple applications, they may not take the application seriously.

Does the REWE Group also have jobs outside of Germany?
The REWE Group has international locations. If you are interested in a job outside of Germany, please contact the relevant foreign subsidiary directly.

What is the application process after I have submitted my application?
After you have submitted your application, you will receive confirmation of receipt. Your application will then be reviewed by our recruiting centre. You will receive a response from us as soon as possible. If the response is positive, we will conduct either a phone interview or a personal interview with you, depending on the position.

How long after I submit my application will I receive a response?
You will receive an immediate response from our system after you submit your application.

How can I prepare for a personal interview (or a phone interview)?
You should learn more about our company and collect some key information about it prior to the interview. A good source of information is, for example, our website and our annual report. Be aware of your own expectations for the position. Write out your questions for us and bring them to the interview. Get directions and find out where you can park before the day of the meeting to ensure that you appear calm at the interview. Be positive and self-confident during the interview. Punctuality and a neat appearance ensure that you make a positive first impression. Be yourself—that’s the only way you’ll come across as authentic.

How often are job adverts updated? Do all of the job adverts that are displayed still need to be filled?
The job adverts are always up to date. Once a vacancy has already been filled, the job advert is immediately removed from the job portal. Therefore, you can assume that all positions that you find on the job portal are still vacant.

Questions about the job portal:

Why do I have to register twice when I apply?
The first registration is for the Talent Community. By registering in the Talent Community, you can receive information about suitable open positions by setting up a search function. You must then set up a candidate profile in order to complete the application process.

What happens when I agree to be included in the candidate pool when I submit my application?
By agreeing to be included in the candidate pool you agree to allow your data to be stored for 6 months. We will of course comply with data protection provisions at all times. It is free to register for the candidate pool and the registration can be cancelled at any time. The advantage of registering is that recruiters can contact you again if they find a suitable position for you without the need for you to apply a second time.

Can I edit my documents after I have uploaded them?
Once you have submitted your documents you cannot edit them again. If you are asked to provide additional documents because your application is incomplete, you can upload these documents in the candidate profile. Please click here (in German) for an explanation of the necessary steps.

Can I withdraw my application?
You can withdraw your application in your candidate profile.

Can I stop the application process and continue it at a later time?
Before you submit your application you can save the information you have entered and continue your application at a later time.