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Vocational training: FAQ

Would you like to apply for a position at the REWE Group? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What should I send with my online application?

  • a letter of application
  • a tabular CV
  • a professional photograph
  • photocopies of reports (from the last school year, or, where applicable, the last half-year report)
  • any further documents specifically listed in the position ad

Always use your own email address for applications. The address should sound professional and be connected to your name. Avoid using typical colloquial online language (btw, asap, b4, writing only in lowercase, emoticons etc.) in applications

What should you pay special attention to when writing an application?


  • Be concise. Explain clearly and precisely why you have chosen your desired profession, why you have chosen us and why you are the best person for the position.
  • Does the reader know when you are going to finish school and what subjects you are studying?
  • At the end of the letter, you should ask for the opportunity to introduce yourself in-person.
  • It never does any harm to mention extra-curricular activities, such as in a sports club, youth club or a church group. Volunteer activities demonstrate you are willing to engage and get involved.
  • NB: Be direct and confident in your writing instead of hesitant and unsure.


  • It is best to avoid spelling mistakes. If you are unsure, ask your parents or English teacher could give a quick look through your text. This is not embarrassing, it shows you are responsible. Spell-check in MS Word can also check for mistakes
  • The sender's name, address, telephone number and email address go on the top left-hand corner. The date should also be correct.
  • Have you included our correct address along with the name of your contact person below the sender? Is everything spelt correctly?
  • Please include a subject line with the correct position title and where you found information about the training position.
  • Please keep it to one page. Any longer and an applicant comes across as indecisive and unfocused.

What should I include in a tabular CV?


  • Have you included all the relevant information, such as personal details, information about where you went to school, what you studied as well as hobbies and extra-curricular activities?
  • There should be no gaps on a CV. Did you spend three months in Austria? Fantastic! Don't forget to include that as well. This shows that you are independent, self-reliant and, above all, that you have strong German language skills.


  • It is called a tabular CV for a reason. Please use a tabular design. This makes all the important information immediately visible for the reader.
  • Make sure to include a high-quality photograph that makes a good impression. A professional photographer is recommended over a photo booth here.

What reports and certificates should be included in the application?

  • Please only send copies (never originals). Include reports from the previous school year and the current school year if applicable.
  • Please also send proof of or references relating to any work experience you have done.
  • If you have completed extra courses at school that are not mentioned in the report, please also send documentation of having completed these.
  • The same goes for leisure-time activities if they are relevant for the position.
  • Or, have you ever had a job in the school holidays where you gained skills that are transferable to your desired future profession? If so, please also send documents confirming you worked in this job.