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Your dual course of study: Business Administration & Retail

Your dual course of study in Business Administration with a focus in retail will particularly prepare you for the demanding tasks of a District Manager for the Field Sales Force or as a Marketing Manager. To prepare for your future career, you will pass through theoretic phases at a vocational school or cooperative state university as well as phases of real-world experience in Sales and in relevant departments in one of our administrative locations within three years.
During your intensive training, you will get acquainted with the multi-faceted aspects of Sales. This includes the basics of food retail and independent management of a store for further on down the road.

In the last two phases of practical training, suitable individuals will already begin training for their target position, e.g. as Marketing Manager or District Manager. The vocational training in Sales is accompanied by various positions in, among others, Logistics, Auditing and Expansion

You can undertake this programme at REWE or PENNY.

This is what you should bring with you for your studies:

  • A-levels or a Technical Baccalaureate
  • Good spelling and grammar knowledge
  • Basic Microsoft Office skills
  • Ideally some experience in a commercial setting acquired through internships
  • Good organisation skills
  • Service orientation and flexibility
  • An outgoing personality and the ability to work in a team


During the theoretical phases at the vocational school or cooperative state university, you will gain well-founded knowledge in:

  • General business management
  • Controlling
  • Financial and balance sheet management
  • Legal
  • Statistics


During your practical training at various locations in the region, you will become acquainted with the following key areas:

  • Store leadership (distribution of work, coordination of organisational processes, staff scheduling, preparing and carrying out stocktaking)
  • Merchandise planning
  • Control of merchandise, product maintenance and storing
  • Sales performance
  • Management of a day's takings
  • Compliance with the legal regulations for a food retailer
  • Implementation of auditing tasks with the Auditing department
  • Familiarity with Logistics and the tasks that arise there including goods receipt, goods supply, company fleet and administration
  • Familiarity with the tasks of administrative departments, such as HR, Expansion, Store Organisation and Controlling

Duration and completion of training:

  • 3 years
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)