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Your high school graduate programme in retail

For engaged high school graduates there is an alternative to studying with a lot of prospects. Undertake our special young executive programme with the goal of qualifying as a store manager or a freelance merchant partner.

How does it work? After the successful completion of vocational training as a Retail Management Assistant you must navigate two further stages of vocational training. First you gain all the skills necessary to be able to work as an Assistant to the store manager. Finally you will receive vocational training as a Store Manager combined with internet-based vocational training as a Business Administrator.

In addition to that, our training and development officers will give you all of the corresponding theoretical expertise you need for the reality of the job in specialised seminars.

You can undertake this programme at REWE, PENNY or toom Baumarkt.

An overview of the two stages:

  • Stage 1: Vocational training as a Retail Management Assistant and as an Assistant (duration: approximately 18 months)
  • Stage 2: Vocational training as a Store Manager and as a Business Administrator (duration: 22 months)

Your duties:

Your role will include sales and advising in the supermarket as well as assessing demand and acquiring goods. Additionally, you will learn about managing the flow of goods in the store, warehousing and controlling goods. You will control the business performance of the store and will be familiarised with employee management very early in your training. You will of course also be actively involved in projects regarding customer retention and quality assurance.

This is what you should bring with you:

  • A-levels (with at least a B/C average)
  • Interest in retail and in the customers
  • A good understanding of business contexts
  • Customer orientation and an outgoing, friendly personality

The programme will last:

  • 3 years