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REWE Group as a career springboard

School pupils

Start your career right after you finish school and make a difference – we want to make this wish of many school graduates come true with our wide array of vocational training occupations and dual degree programmes. Discover the variety of our entry-level and vocational training opportunities and find out how REWE Group supports and promotes your career from the beginning.

Vocational training

Varied and promising: Your vocational training

If you select vocational training in one of Europe's largest retail and tourism companies, you are deciding for a company that has won multiple awards, that offers you high-quality training with corresponding support programmes, and reveals promising opportunities right away for your professional development.

An overview

Our vocational training occupations

Dual courses of study

We guide and support you during your entire degree

Set your career in motion before you've even started working. You can expect the perfect combination of theory and real world experience with the extensive range of dual degree programmes at REWE Group. You can choose from various dual Bachelor degrees – e.g. Retail and logistics as a focus for Business Administration, Business Informatics, Food Management or Tourism Management – and give yourself a strong basis for your professional future.

From the first semester to your thesis, you will pass through various divisions with us. This way, you will collect practical experience during your studies that will assure you have a decisive edge when you start your career. You will get acquainted with the areas and the day-to-day operations in our company. You will see first-hand what it means, and what it takes, to be successful and will already take the first steps for your career. To do so, we will complement your knowledge with in-house training and set your studies in motion with potential exchange programmes, internships abroad and suitable support programmes for budding experts.

An overview

Our courses of study

Secondary school internship

Collect your first experiences at REWE Group in a secondary school internship

Selecting the right career can be a difficult matter. If you would like to get a head start by checking out a possible career in retail or tourism during school, then you should complete a secondary school internship here at REWE.

In this capacity, you will get acquainted with the practical side of one of our stores, one of our travel agencies or our headquarters in a few weeks. You will find out what makes a difference for us and our customers, learn work processes, organisational structures and general tasks. Of course, you will also gain insight into our range and our services.

Do you want to complete a secondary school internship in one of our stores or travel agencies? Please ask our staff of your chosen store or travel agency.

If you are seeking an internship at our headquarters in Cologne, please contact our respective point of contact directly: Vanessa Groll, Tel.: +49 221 149-1729


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