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Managing your health to assure your well-being

One of the major concerns of REWE Group is the maintenance of our employees' health and the constant improvement in their working conditions. The Group has established a systematic health management programme encompassing a broad range of measures, ranging from training programmes to workplace design to preventive care examinations and extending to information campaigns and even cooking courses.

Moreover, our employees can take advantage of the company sports programme FIT.Netz; they can participate in different courses and enjoy plenty of welcome change. FIT.Netz has now even started offering trips with a focus on health which are intended to contribute to the continued good health of the employees.

We Support Your Retirement

As an employee of REWE Group, you can select from various types of company pension plans which are offered as voluntary benefits. They include the REWE pension fund, which grows every year as more people become members. In addition, managers at REWE Group can take advantage of a retirement pension plan designed specifically for them so that the large pension gap expected in this group can be closed adequately. The total deferred benefit amounts have been rising continuously in this sector for years as well. We start thinking about secure retirement benefits for our employees at an early stage!

Family-Friendly Corporate Policies

In the eyes of REWE Group, it is important to create the general conditions and breathing space which enable people to balance their professional careers and family lives. Your Know-How Is Important to Us! That is why REWE Group's commitment to improving the balance of family and career extends from individual agreements regarding working hours and location to short-term solutions such as the parent-child office at the Cologne office for the bridging of gaps in child care, kindergarten spots at some of the locations and the services from the parent support company AWO GmbH. They offer employees advice regarding all types of child care, emergency care and care during school holidays.