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About us.

Groceries, hardware and tourism: The REWE Group is one of the largest employers in Germany and Europe.

Wer wir sind: Die REWE Group

Founded in 1927 as the Revisionsverband der Westkaufgenossenschaften (Western Buying Cooperatives Auditing Association) along the Rhine River in Cologne, the REWE Group is now in its 90th year as one of the leading retail and tourism groups in Germany and Europe. Some 330,000 employees in 20 European countries work in our 15,000 markets and travel agencies on behalf of our customers each and every day. In 2016, we generated a total external turnover of over 54 billion euros.

Our sales lines include the REWE, REWE CENTER, REWE CITY and BILLA supermarkets and consumer stores, the discounter PENNY, as well as toom Baumarkt and B1 Discount Baumarkt DIY stores. There are also the organic supermarkets (TEMMA), innovative convenience stores (REWE To Go), the gastronomic concept "Oh Angie!” and e-commerce activities like REWE Delivery Service and Zooroyal, Weinfreunde and Kölner Weinkeller. Travel and tourism, under the umbrella of the de-DER Touristik Group, includes the tour operators ITS, Jahn Reisen and Travelix, as well as Dertour, Meier’s Weltreisen, ADAC Reisen, Kuoni, Helvetic Tours, Apollo and Exim Tours. It also includes the business travel division FCM Travel Solutions and more than 2,400 travel agencies (including DER Reisebüro, DERPART, Kuoni), the hotel brands lti, Club Calimera, Cooee, PrimaSol and Playitas Resort, and direct tour operator

Our values: Working together towards a better life

We are committed to our cooperative roots. As a strong association, we stand for continuity and security and we promote an independent existence. We are an international, cooperative and innovative network and we use the power of diversity. We find solutions for our customers that make life easier and more pleasant. In doing so, we adhere to our mission statement with the following basic values:

  • We do business independently according to the idea of community.
  • We work for the customer. We are at the heart of the market.
  • We welcome new directions. Standing still means going backwards.
  • We act with integrity and treat one another with respect. We keep our word.
  • We strive to find the best solution, make considered decisions and behave consistently.
  • We are aware of our responsibility and do business sustainably.

... and our vision:
The best performance—for customers, retailers and employees

We demonstrate responsibility

Sustainability is firmly rooted in our corporate culture. Our strategy is based on four sustainability pillars: “green products”, “employees”, “energy, climate and environment” and “social engagement.

For the REWE Group, quality also means doing business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. That is why we are developing and selling an ever increasing number of more sustainable products and services. Our green products also include regional and organic products. We provide our customers with additional guidance with our sustainable PRO PLANET label.

Our employees can count on fair and safe working conditions. The key issues for us as a responsible employer include, for example, company crèches, sabbaticals and flexible working time models.

As a major retail and tourism company, we actively contribute to protection of the climate and the environment. It is only by doing so that we can remain competitive. We are active in three main areas: Increasing energy efficiency, reducing emissions that impact the climate and conserving resources.

We are also aware of our social responsibility, and we take it seriously. We are involved in national and international charitable associations and organisations. For example, the REWE Group is involved in projects to ensure healthy nutrition in daycare centres and schools as well as local food bank initiatives. In the holiday and travel area, we campaign for “gentle tourism” and development projects in target regions.


If you would like to work with us to get things done, then apply for one of our positions with comprehensive training offerings, individual development opportunities, flexible working time models and occupational health benefits. We are always looking for go-getters, knowledge-seekers, innovation-drivers, inquisitive minds and mavericks.

We look forward to receiving your application.