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All kinds of tasks for all kinds of people

Discover the variety of diverse tasks and areas of activity within REWE Group. We are active in two sectors, retail and tourism, which allows us to make first-rate opportunities available to entry-level candidates and experienced professionals so that they can make a difference in the future together with us. Join a team that complements each other perfectly thanks to its variety and size, whose members support each other and create the freedom to play around with ideas to celebrate mutual success. Join REWE Group.

Category Management/Purchasing

Purchasing comprises the development, acquisition and compilation of various products and services, and moreover coordinates important purchasing processes such as the management and coordination of REWE Group's 6,500 suppliers. Category Management organises the range in breadth and depth.


Controlling is responsible for the planning and management of many departments. For example, this is where data from Accounting and other departments, such as Purchasing or Sales converge so that various processes can be optimised.


Our e-commerce activities, bundled by REWE digital, are geared towards the continued development of digital shopping. This includes the conception and maintenance of online channels, the optimisation of user guidance and the configuration of different web applications.


The Finance department deals with all monetary matters and provides transparency for any development or focus in REWE Group. In this way, Finance provides the Group with an overview of the various costs.

Human Resources

Human Resources for REWE Group ensure that the right employees and management are found and continue to be supported. The guiding principle of our work in HR: We have opportunities and career prospects for those who want to make a difference.


REWE Systems develops efficient IT systems for the retail environment, overcomes challenges with innovative technologies and optimises REWE Group's existing applications.

Food Production

We manufacture food and baked goods as well as meat and sausage products in our production plants Glocken Bäckerei and Wilhelm Brandenburg to sell at REWE and PENNY.


Logistics comprises all tasks concerning the integrated planning, coordination, implementation and control of various goods. Each year in Germany alone we have over 1.2 billion sales cartons in over 35 million transport units from over 20 warehouse locations delivered by lorry to the stores.


Creative and innovative ideas are the core business of our Marketing department. This is where we develop communication strategies that alert our customers to our distribution chains and products – with classic print and online advertising as well as personal contact with potential customers.


The solicitors in our legal department are responsible for carefully resolving any cases concerning legislation and regulations and finding the best solution.


Strategy considers the direction the Group should take, that is, identifying potential for success and which strategies we can use and expand on as well as how we can best reach this potential. At the same time, strong growth in Europe and a clear commitment to the principle of sustainability are particularly important to REWE Group.


REWE Group comprises a broad range of distribution channels with full-range stores (e.g. REWE and BILLA), discounters (PENNY), DIY superstores (toom Baumarkt DIY) and tourism (DER Touristik). Sales is responsible for coordinating and selling goods and services. In addition, Sales is an interface with the end customer.