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Our locations

In Germany and abroad – with over 15,000 supermarkets and 2,400 travel agencies, REWE Group is active Europe-wide.

Locations in Germany

All our activities come together in Cologne – the heart of the REWE Group operations. The city is home to our management board, as well to the management team for retail outlets REWE, PENNY, toom Baumarkt and the IT service provider REWE Systems. To ensure all information reaches Cologne from all our divisions, regional head offices across Germany are in direct contact with the retail outlets. The DER Touristik tourism division has its headquarters in Frankfurt as well as a base in Cologne.

Work at our headquarters in Cologne

REWE Group has been based in Cologne since 1927. We are now one of the largest employers in the Rhineland and have four main locations spread across Cologne:

  • City Centre (Domstr. 20, 50668 Cologne)
  • Braunsfeld (Stolberger Str. 76-92, 50933 Cologne)
  • Porz (Humboldstr. 140-144, 51149 Cologne)
  • Mülheim (Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Cologne)

With our subsidised VRS JobTicket, you can easily reach the offices by public transport. If you travel by car, there are a limited number of parking spaces available at each location. For directions, please click here.

Our four main locations have a wide variety of offices—from small and cosy individual offices to innovative open-plan offices. This picture shows our SWOP offices (Smarter Working Office Programme): These are offices that allow you to choose your preferred workspace on a daily basis.

The canteens at our City Centre, Braunsfeld and Porz locations serve fresh food daily at low prices with an employer subsidy.

If you’re feeling peckish between meals, the bistros in our Braunsfeld and Porz locations offer a variety of baked goods.

There are a number of different types of rooms available for meetings in various buildings.

Our company fitness programme provides you with an opportunity to engage in a variety of athletic activities in our fitness centres.

In partnership with Arbeiterwohlfahrt Köln (AWO), we have set up REWElinos crèches in the Cologne neighbourhoods of Porz and Ehrenfeld to help look after your children. In an emergency, you can also bring your child to work with you and work in one of our parent-child offices.