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REWE Group is already active in 20 European countries outside Germany. This provides a number of opportunities - also for your personal career. Would you like to gain experience abroad and to work in another country? REWE Group makes these options possible.

We are seeking creative and flexible individuals who are willing to live and work abroad to help us implement our strategy and who like to undergo further qualification on an ongoing basis. The way towards working abroad is of course linked to certain requirements that first must be met. It is necessary, for instance, for you to be able to speak English or the national language of the country where you are to be sent!

Needed Are Specialists and Leaders Ready to Get to Work

We already provide employees as young as our trainees with opportunities to gain experience in foreign countries. Even within the Group's traineeship programmes, our trainees learn about our basic business abroad and later handle project co-ordination in countries where REWE Group does business. For our ongoing expansion abroad, we are constantly in need of specialists and leaders who are ready to get to work supporting both the expansion of existing locations and the launch of new ones.

The personal decision to accept such challenges has to be thought well through beforehand because the stay lasts longer than a normal holiday. Living in another country also means getting used to the cultural surroundings - or even adjusting to those surroundings. Individuals with a spirit of adventure, creativity and openness are needed. Applicants need to ask themselves several questions in advance: How will I face these challenges? What might this mean for me and my family? Of course, we give our employees the support they need and help them establish local contacts. Nonetheless, when taking such a far-reaching decision, one should not be too hasty.