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Family-friendly human resources policy

Having a career and home life that are compatible is increasingly important in the context of employee retention. With this in mind, REWE Group is developing family-friendly personnel policies.

Childcare: Company kindergarten in Cologne

Working parents are often faced with the question of “Who will look after the kids?” Company kindergartens can provide parents a sense of relief. In collaboration with the Workers’ Welfare Association (Arbeiterwohlfahrt or AWO) in Cologne, REWE Group opened the REWElinos day-care centre for children under the age of three in a facility near the company on 22 August 2012. Located within walking distance of the REWE Group Offices in Humboldtstraße (in the Porz district of Cologne), the building was completely renovated and updated. Up to 22 kids up to age three can enjoy 500 m² of indoor play space as well as an outdoor play area. Care facilities for children over three years old are currently in the pipeline.

New childcare facilities are being built for REWE Group employees near Stolberger Straße, in the Braunsfeld area of Cologne, also in collaboration with the Workers’ Welfare Association, demonstrating the REWE Group’s awareness of the increased need for childcare places. Moreover, when it opens, children over the age of 3 can also benefit from the day-care facilities. A total of 45 places will be available for children between 4 months and 6 1/2 years old.

Parent-child office

Even with well-organised childcare, issues or emergencies may still arise. In these instances, employees based in the head offices and certain regional offices of the REWE Group can bring their children to work – or to the parent-child office – for a short-term period.
The parent-child office contains a fully-equipped workstation. It also features a play area and nappy-changing facilities for the little REWErs. Plus, there’s a child’s bed for afternoon nap time.

Audit Beruf und Familie (job and family)

Work-life balance is becoming a key deciding factor in choosing a job for a growing number of people.

Personnel policies, which are forward thinking in terms of demographics, like as those here at REWE Group, address employee and employer demands in a family-friendly way. With this in mind, we have decided to conduct a job and family audit and receive certification for many areas of REWE Group.

The job and family audit helps companies “implement family-friendly personnel policies that are sustainable”. Together with an auditor from the berufundfamilie gemeinnützige (Job and family charity) GmbH of the Hertie Foundation, the organisation sets targets and develops clear strategies for implementation. Targets and strategies are distributed across a variety of action fields, such as working hours and family services.

Once an organisation is certified, it has three years to achieve the set targets. Afterwards, re-auditing is possible for a further three years.

Over 1,000 companies and public institutions have been certified to date. The certificate is awarded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Federal Ministry for the Family in Berlin.

Further information can be found on the website of Beruf und Familie.