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Arbeiten bei der REWE Group. Erwarten Sie viel.

Wir als Arbeitgeber

A bounty of opportunities and prospects, options and growth potential, careers and distribution chains are waiting for you. We want to play a significant role in the development of trade and tourism. To do so, we need people who want help us make a difference. We are looking for outside-the-box mavericks, inquisitive minds, seasoned professionals, go-getters, knowledge seekers and matrix thinkers. Take a decisive step for your career and use your potential to take REWE Group team to the next level.

Employee orientation and solidarity

You provide momentum. We offer prospects. Together we make a difference in REWE Group.

Find out why the focus is on our employees and how they contribute significantly to our company's success.

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Benefits and services

Comprehensive benefits and services

Get ready to be amazed and discover our attractive array of services for health, preventive care and the reconciliation of family and career.

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Us as an Employer

An employer full of possibilities.

Let us surprise you with size, diversity and opportunities that await you, and learn more about our activities in trade and tourism.


Acting sustainably means working sustainably.

For the REWE Group, sustainable actions and sustainable business are part of our corporate philosophy. We believe that it is where the source of our long-term success lies. For us, sustainability means being fair in our dealings with customers and partners, ensuring that our staff are satisfied, and encouraging more sustainable product ranges. The REWE Group also places great value in protecting the environment and in preserving the diversity of wildlife.

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Further Training

Targeted training tailored to personal needs

Ongoing and targeted staff development plays a prominent role for the REWE Group. Training helps our employees to discover how they can use their potential to the full, and how to contribute to helping us to succeed on the market.

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