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Internships for university students

Are you curious about REWE Group? Are you interested in learning what else there is behind the REWE Group logo other than foods?


We give students who are dedicated and thirsty for knowledge the opportunity to apply in practice what they have learned in theory. In an internship, you will get acquainted with a specific department at REWE Group and thus obtain insights into the Group.

Show Us What You Can Do

If you can handle projects on your own, can take responsibility and want to put your skills to the test, apply for an internship at REWE Group. Show us what you can do and take advantage of the internship to gain practical experience.

We offer students internships in various departments. You should already have successfully completed your pre-diploma or the initial semesters of your bachelor's degree programme and, if possible, have a period of three to six months to work with us.

Internships for pupils

Choosing the right career path is a difficult decision. We want to help you choose. Our "trial offer" will help you get a taste of how retailing works in practice.

An internship at our company gives you the chance to inspect and explore in detail our company and your future working career. In just a few weeks, you get close up to learn about the practical aspects of the food retailing business, the job procedures, the organisational structure and the general tasks as well as the importance of customers to a service company, not to mention the social interrelationships of our employees.

The school student internship teaches you how to stock shelves, how products are placed, how the cash registers work, what options are available in advertising, and you get an overview of our product range, its importance in satisfying customers’ needs and much more.

Feel free to get in touch with us - preferably right in the store where you would like to be an intern. And if you like the experience, be sure to tell your friends.

How to Choose a Location for an Internship

  • Take a look at the stores close to where you live.
  • Choose a store.
  • Talk to the store managers about a school student internship and put in an application.
  • If an internship slot is available, work out a schedule with the store management.

Organisational Notes

  • Each intern receives a copy of our brochure "Tips, info and diary" at the beginning of the internship. This is the basis that the store managers will use to discuss the internship with interns.
  • The brochure has lots of space for jotting down notes so that you can record your experiences during the internship or so you can jot down questions and answers.
  • At the end of the internship, the store management will conduct an exit interview.