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Business Information Technology

When you participate in the dual studies programme as a student from REWE-Systems, you enjoy an ideal combination of a practice-oriented, theoretical university course of study with practical application of what you have learned in everyday work. This close meshing of theory and practice provides you with optimal preparation for the start in your professional career. Depending on the focus of the vocational training programme, the university study is conducted either at the European University of Applied Sciences in Brühl (EUFH) or at the University of Applied Sciences in Bergisch Gladbach (FHDW).
The degree course in business information technology takes three years and is subdivided into six semesters. During each of these semesters, you spend three months in the company (internship phase) and three months at the university (theory phase). You can combine the dual study course with vocational training (combined vocational training and degree programme); the final examination for the vocational qualification as a qualified IT specialist (focus on application development or system integration) is given by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) Cologne in the fourth semester. During the sixth semester, you write your bachelor thesis with the support of one of the business units of REWE Systems.

After fulfilling all of the requirements, you are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science after the sixth semester. During your degree course, REWE Group will provide careful guidance and support. It goes without saying that your commitment will be compensated appropriately. REWE Group will assume the costs for the regular payment of the compensation during the training period as well as the full tuition at the university of applied science. The dual studies programme starts at the beginning of the winter semester every year. Applications can be submitted quickly and directly online. Additional information is available at

You should have an average mark of 2.5 or better on your Abitur (A-levels) and above-average results in German, mathematics and English. You will work on various teams and become familiar with a highly diversified and broad range of business units during your training. So you should bring an open mind and curiosity with you. In addition, we expect you to be able to work on your own responsibility and to display above-average commitment.