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“You make the difference.”

We, REWE Group, have followed the same mission for almost 90 years. We want to make the lives of our customers, our community and our employees easier and more comfortable. To do so, we use our trusted expertise in retail and tourism in order to create responsible solutions for the future, opportunities of our size, power of our variety, knowledge of our responsibility and potential from our innovations.

“You make the difference.” – Together with REWE Group

Above all, those who want to help shape the retail and tourism industries like we do need employees who want to make a difference. Employees who will profit from the size and range of their employer and who can develop freely in an atmosphere of trust and innovative energy.

The size of the Group makes a difference

REWE Group is one of the leading retail and tourist groups in Europe. We live an open corporate culture that values diversity and personal development anywhere we have a presence. We are a dependable employer with a strong sense of community, and we play an integral role in shaping the future of retail and tourism by having the courage to innovate. Of course, we are only able to accomplish this with employees who want to make a difference. Employees who want to promote the company's success with their creativity, flexibility and team spirit.

The innovative energy within the Group makes a difference

How does retail of the future look? Which trends will influence the tourism branch? These and many other questions motivate us in our daily work. REWE Group uses its innovative energy to find answers and develop solutions. Whether it's the consumers' desire to have high-quality private labels, sustainable and regional products or an online shopping option for groceries with reliable delivery at the requested time, we face many challenges. In order to overcome them, we want to become a leading provider in all markets that are relevant to the Group and systematically expand our e-commerce business. We will also continue to forge new ground in brick-and-mortar retails stores as well, however, e.g. with the REWE to go concept. The same applies here. To be successful, and in order to remain so, we need one thing more than anything else: Employees who are ready to make a difference with us.

The responsibility the Group takes on makes a difference

Acting responsibly in the interest of the community is a firm component of our corporate culture as a cooperative enterprise. We assume responsibility for resources, for the climate and the environment, for community and social topics – and of course, for our employees. After all, qualified, dedicated employees shape the future. Our mission is to responsibly lead them. Our goal is to show you appreciation and to promote independent thought and action. As such, every day we place a large amount of trust in our teams, who support each other, so that we can find the best ideas and solutions together. Because we are a forward-thinking enterprise, we also assume responsibility for training the next generation – simply because we want our new recruits of today to be able to make a difference tomorrow.

The variety of the Group makes a difference

REWE Group comprises more than just the REWE supermarkets. It also includes numerous other retail and tourism companies, such as PENNY, toom Baumarkt DIY and DER Touristik travel agency. The range of sales formats alone shows how diverse and unique REWE Group's portfolio is. There is also a surprising array of opportunities, job descriptions and growth potential at REWE Group. Together, we are doing what we can to always provide the best service for our customers, merchants and employees. Our group structure allows our employees to contribute to our company's success in the various areas of activity, to take different career paths and to keep growing.

We look forward to hearing from you