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Direct Professional Entry

Join us and experience our diversity

Are you looking for an employer who will give you the breathing space you need to grow and develop? Bring your ideas and enthusiasm along with you and contribute to the dynamics of our company!

Thanks to its corporate structure and the two core business fields of trading and travel and tourism, REWE Group can offer a broad range of opportunities to launch your career as well as prospects for its further development. For instance, we are looking for new employees for our sales lines: people who want to work in close contact with customers, who are looking for project responsibility, enjoy the activities of advising and selling and who are interested in a management position as district manager.

Whether you are a young professional or a specialist with several years of experience in your job, you can join the staff at corporate and regional headquarters of REWE Group right away. Among other positions, we have vacancies in the departments of Finances, Controlling, Legal Affairs, Purchasing, IT, Logistics, Marketing and Sales.

Become a part of a great adventure and help us to stay one step ahead of the rest!

Working together for sustained success

Our long-term commitment to our approximately 329,418 employees is especially important to us - both as a social duty and as an investment in the future. There is no other way to assure the satisfaction, motivation and productivity of all of our employees and associates.

Good working conditions and our dealings with one another in a spirit of trust are important pillars of our corporate strategy and on an equal footing with systematic personnel development and an extensive portfolio of health care management services, all aimed at laying a solid foundation for good management-labour relationships.

The many opportunities for personnel development offered by REWE Group enable employees from various levels of the hierarchy and business units to continue steadily their own personal development. The company's associates and managers take part in well over 100,000 training days every year to obtain advanced qualifications in areas such as controlling or project management.

Keeping a close eye on demographic changes, REWE Group sets today a clear course so that the demand for specialists and managers will be met well into the future and employees' service to the company will be retained for as long as possible. The company's health care management plays a major role in this respect. By providing preventive health care measures and specific activities for occupational safety, REWE Group helps its employees to stay healthy and able to perform well for many years.