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You can make a difference at REWE Group headquarters in Cologne in these departments

Category Management/Purchasing

In Purchasing, you will tend to the development, acquisition and compilation of the various products and services for the stores and coordinate other important purchasing processes – such as the management and coordination of REWE Group's 6,500 suppliers. Furthermore, in Category Management, you will organise the range in breadth and depth.


As part of Controlling, you will take on the planning and management of many important departments and ensure that our company processes continue to be optimised. In addition, you will be responsible for the relevant key figures for corporate management, preparing analyses, and looking after the development of turnover, earnings and costs. In this capacity, you will also review current controlling instruments and make your analyses available to the team as a decision-making tool. To do so, you will create and use the in-house planning and reporting system, which makes an important contribution to REWE Group's economic success.


In REWE digital, our rapidly growing unit, we bundle all online activities of REWE Group with the goal of becoming the leading provider of online solutions in all markets that are relevant to REWE Group. We are also collaborating with other departments of the company, such as Strategy, Sales and Marketing to develop omni-channel solutions that won’t just digitalise the food retail sector, but will also prepare the tourism industry for the ongoing digital transformation.


Our success as an industry leader for retail and tourism depends on many factors and individuals. This success becomes possible, measurable and transparent with the calculations, analyses, computations and consulting from our financial experts at headquarters. Here, tax consultants work with case workers, analysts with treasury consultants, and computer scientists with legal experts and asset managers, all to reach one common goal: to guarantee the economic success of REWE Group and to continue to expand further.

Human Resources

We have opportunities and career prospects for those who want to make a difference. This applies for our employees in HR and all other departments as well as for you as a potential applicant. Here, administrative HR processes are regulated, and strategic HR management is implemented that supports and advances our existing and future employees. You will also be the point of contact for questions pertaining to labour law, and will work together constructively with the works councils.


The digital world makes a difference to us. For this reason, at REWE Systems we are developing efficient IT systems for the retail environment, overcoming challenges with innovative technologies and optimising REWE Group's existing applications. Approx. 1,000 IT specialists – professional business analysts, software developers and systems specialists – come together in this department. Along with around 330,000 other employees, they are all working to develop smart information and telecommunications tools for one of the leading retail and tourist groups. These tools will guarantee a modern digital infrastructure for all departments in REWE Group.


As an employee of REWE Group in Marketing, you ensure that customers become aware of our distribution chains and products – whether it be through classic print and online advertising or through personal communication with potential customers. In this department, innovative ideas and creative suggestions are just as important as strategic thinking.


REWE Group is an extremely complex, constantly changing and developing entity under corporate law. That's how we describe it in our Legal department. Here, all distribution chains will be counselled on questions regarding contractual and general commercial law and receive specialised support. Of course, our legal experts also support the development of our new business segments, with partnerships and projects – e.g. by analysing possible risks and framework conditions that need to be met – and negotiate contracts as well as coordinate transactions in the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) department.


The companies in our Group run according to carefully crafted strategies that are designed for growth and sustainability. Of course, this holds true for both the retail and tourism sectors. In the Strategy and Business Development departments, projects with strategic relevance are coordinated working closely with other departments of the company, the executive board and management. Here, questions are asked and answers are found that make a sustainable difference in our company. To do so, this department runs analyses, challenges processes and makes recommendations to continue to promote REWE Group's growth.