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Training for the retail trader certificate

Retail traders at REWE Group are primarily concerned with making sure our customers have access to our current product offerings in sufficient quantity at all times, with competently advising customer in their purchases and with monitoring and controlling the business processes of the store.

Over the course of training, trainees are instructed in all the processes of retailing. They learn how to determine demand for goods and how to procure them; they learn about controlling the flow of goods in the store and of the principles behind storing and inspecting goods. In addition, making sales and advising our customers are among their tasks along with monitoring the business performance of the store. These jobs entail keeping and evaluating sales statistics, conducting success inspections and producing invoices. Moreover, our human resource developers use special seminars to provide the appropriate theoretical know-how needed for practical work on the job.

What qualifications and skills should you have?

  • GCSE (Abitur) or leaving certificate from secondary modern school or intermediate secondary school
  • Good to satisfactory marks in the subjects of German and maths
  • Interest in trade and its customers
  • Understanding of basic business concepts
  • Fun working with people
  • Possibly traineeship in trading
  • Flexibility

Overview of Training for the Kaufmann/Kauffrau im Einzelhandel Certificate

Subject areas:

  • Foods
  • Fine foods
  • Radio, television, video
  • Office management
  • Electronic equipment
  • Gardening
  • Pet stores
  • DIY stores


  • Selling and advising in specialist stores, supermarkets or department stores
  • Determining demand and the procurement of merchandise
  • Controlling the flow of goods in the store
  • Monitoring the business performance of the store
  • Accounting and cashing

Main training contents:

  • Advising and selling
  • Structure of the product assortment
  • Advertising and sales promotion
  • Merchandise procurement
  • Storage and stock monitoring
  • Accounting and cashing
  • Commercial accounting

Duration of Training:

  • Three years
  • Final examinations before the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)