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GCSE School Leavers in Retailing

Secondary school students now have an attractive alternative to university studies: REWE Group offers dedicated GCSE school leavers a special programme to promote future company leaders by training them to become retail managers. The aim is to qualify trainees to become store managers or to train them as independent partner retailers.

After successfully completing training to receive the certification Kaufmann/-frau im Einzelhandel (trader in retailing), programme participants then go through two additional stages of training. At first, trainees learn the skills they need to work as assistants to store managers. Following this finally is the training to become a store manager combined with an internet-based course for the Handelsfachwirt certification. Moreover, our human resource developers use special seminars to provide the appropriate know how for practical work on the job.
Overview of the two stages
Stage 1:
Training for the Kaufmann/Kauffrau im Einzelhandel certification
and as an assistant
(Duration is around 18 months)

Stage 2:
Training to become a store manager
and for the Handelsfachwirt certification
(Duration is 22 months)

The job entails selling to and advising customers in the supermarket as well as determining demand and procuring merchandise. Trainees also learn how to control the flow of goods in the store, how to store merchandise and how to inspect it. Future store managers are concerned with monitoring the business performance of the store and are introduced to the skills needed to be a leader of employees from early on. In addition, trainees are actively involved in projects related to retaining customers and assuring quality.
What qualifications and skills should you have?
  • GCSE (Abitur) (average marks above the German score 3.0)
  • Interest in trading and its customers
  • Good understanding of basic business principles
  • customer orientation and fun working with people
Duration of training:
  • Three years