REWE Systems

We are the central solutions providers of REWE Group when it comes to information and telecommunications systems.

We plan, develop, configure and operate efficient systems and applications for REWE Group – one of the leading trade and tourism groups in Germany and Europe with around 330,000 employees. Our 1,000 or so IT specialists set standards for IT implementation in trade and develop new technologies for the industry. Moving the digital world of REWE Group – that means more than 80 logistics centres, 100 wide area network cables and more than 23,000 local network connections for continuous data supply of the 26,000 scanner check-out desks in more than 7,500 stores.

The logistics systems used to this end feed back more that 10 million datasets per day to our systems so that our experts can organise replenishment on schedule and over night. This can only be achieved by a sophisticated and powerful IT and telecommunications architecture with 24/7 availability – this is our mission. In order to accomplish this mission, we continuously optimise our systems and adapt new technological developments such as mobile payment, for instance. As an integral component of the successful expansion of REWE Group, the future is a part of our daily operations.