Glocken Bäckerei

Today, the Glocken Bäckerei is a production facility belonging to REWE Group, and total sales of 176 million euros make it one of the most significant providers of baked goods operating nationwide in Germany.

The trained and competent personnel such as bakers, baker masters and pastry chefs at the high-quality bakery produce goods at the following production facilities: Frankfurt, Bergheim near Cologne, Bergkirchen near Munich and Östringen (Bäckerei Rothermel). Delivery to 900 REWE and PENNY stores in the Rhine-Main region is made from Frankfurt. From September 2010 on, 1,100 REWE and PENNY stores in the south of Germany will be supplied from Bergkirchen near Munich.

At the parent operation in Frankfurt alone, 280,000 baguette rolls, 200,000 raw pastries, 210,000 ciabatta loaves, 185,000 loaves of bread, loaves of toast bread and baguettes roll out of the ovens every day. The self-service product line of the Glocken Bäckerei offered nationwide includes such well-known brands as Mühlhof, Vitapan, Glocken Bäckerei Specialities and REWE Bio.

The company has been operating “shop in shop” stores since 1990 and now has 358 of these branches. These shops have their own ovens and represent a welcome enhancement to the supermarket products. The first step into the discount segment was taken in 2003 when DIBACK branch stores were opened. The Glocken Bäckerei landed yet another coup when it launched its own Glocken bistros in the check-out areas of the stores belonging to REWE Group. The bakery chain Rothermel from Östringen near Heidelberg was acquired in 2009.