Glocken Bäckerei

Today, the Glocken Bäckerei, a production facility belonging to REWE Group with total sales of 183 million euros, is one of the most significant providers of baked goods operating nationwide in Germany. Our company operates the market successfully with innovative products.

The Glocken Bäckerei has been producing exclusively for REWE Group for 36 years. The two German locations produce more than 120 different breads and baked goods for REWE and PENNY stores.

Frankfurt am Main and Bergkirchen produce approximately 166 Million bread rolls, 65 Million loaves of bread, 54 Million loaves of toast bread, and 27 Million baguette rolls annually. The self-service product line of the Glocken Bäckerei includes well-known REWE Bio, REWE Feine Welt, REWE Beste Wahl, ja!, Naturgut, Bäckerkrönung, Mike Mitchell’s, San Fabio, as well as specialties belonging to the Glocken Bäckerei brand.