Partner for the restaurant and hotel trade.

The ADEG wholesale market, AGM, has been a strong partner for the restaurant and hotel trade for over 50 years. The 19 AGM stores throughout Austria offer an attractive variety of quality products for the best price including the low-price range, AGM 500, and the popular own brands, SunGold and GenussGold. In addition to the standard selection, other alternating items such as regional products, seasonal fruits and vegetables, or Austrian and international beef specialities are also offered.


AGM is the leading retail partner for wholesalers in Austria. The company currently has 900 employees and is training 24 apprentices. All products must adhere to strict standards of freshness, quality, service and availability. In partnership with the umbrella brand, GENUSS REGION AUSTRIA, AGM offers many high-quality, regional products with traceable origins. Extensive quality management guarantees product quality.