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REWE Group's Sponsoring Acitivies

REWE Group and its sales lines participate in about 80 sponsoring activities, both nationally and internationally. The focus is on sports in combination with healthy nutrition.

REWE Group´s Sponsoring Activities



is team spirit, fast pace, emotion and joie de vivre. Aspects which football shares with retail trade. REWE Group is the primary partner as well as jersey partner for the 1st FC Cologne, REWE Dortmund the sponsor for Borussia Dortmund and REWE Region Mitte for Eintracht Frankfurt. In Austria, REWE Intentional AG sponsors the football club Austria Vienna.

DFB National player Thomas Müller has been endorsing the REWE sales line since 2010.

Since season 2013/2014 PENNY is primary sponsor  for women football of 1st FC Cologne.


Basketball, Handball, Marathon


And the REWE Group sales line REWE is active in other sports as well: the Brose Baskets in Bamberg are among its partners, just like the team handball club Rhine-Neckar Lions. During the RheinEnergieMarathon Köln runners are welcome to the foods along the course and in the REWE catering village to restore their strength, a service which has been provided for many years.


School Sports


An official sponsor of the association “Klasse in Sport — Initiative für den täglichen Schulsport e.V.”, the company’s commitment begins with children. The goal of the association is to improve privately initiated school sports services in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Elementary school students are encouraged to get more exercise, and support is given to children who are struggling with excess weight.


REWE has been the official nutrition partner for the German Football Association (DFB) since 2009 and has developed the REWE Vitality Programme in cooperation with the chef of the German national team, Holger Stromberg.

In July 2016 REWE extended the partnership for another two years until the end of 2018, and for this reason stays "Offizieller Ernährungspartner des DFB“. So REWE stays partner of the German Football Association during the Football World Championship 2018 in Russia.

Social Involvement

Since 1998, the KölnBall, one of the Germany's most renowned charity events, has been dedicated to one goal: helping children who suffer from cancer - quickly and unconditionally. To this end, numerous VIPs, show stars, politicians and entrepreneurs come together every year at the KölnBall. Irrespective of their profession, they all are "people with heart" who aim to promote the charitable purpose. Since 2009, Rewe Group has been supporting the KölnBall as a premium partner.

The total proceeds of the charity gala will be donated to the working group "experimental oncology" of the children's hospital Amsterdamer Strasse in Cologne. Under the supervision of Dr. Dr. Aram Prokop, new and improved substances against cancer which are capable of overcoming resistances of tumour cells vs. conventional medication are developed here. Children and teenagers all over Germany and abroad benefit from the work of the Cologne-based research institution.