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REWE to go

REWE To Go is an innovative convenience store where shopping is both easy and enjoyable. With its “ready to eat, ready to heat” products, it appeals to discerning customers, many of whom have had a hectic day.

More than ten REWE To Go stores have opened at central locations, including train stations and busy urban neighbourhoods, and customers can choose from a wide range of products to enjoy straight away or take home for later. These markets are open nearly 24 hours a day, and “to go” is always an option. Fresh or hot, delicious snacks or extravagant meals – REWE To Go carries an appealing range of products to suit every taste and occasion. Bagels with savoury spreads, wraps, inventive sushi, a diverse range of salads and drinks – REWE To Go is noted for its wide selection of healthy, high-quality snacks and drinks.