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Karstadt Lebensmittel

Delicatessens take Germany by storm

In 2005 Karstadt Feinkost GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a joint venture between Karstadt and REWE. It now operates 42 Karstadt Lebensmittel delicatessens throughout Germany in 30 cities and has about 3,000 employees.

In the up to 3,000 square metres large Karstadt Lebensmittel delicatessens enthusiasts of high-quality food can find everything they could ever wish for. Around 25,000 different products are on offer. The product portfolio ranges from basic foodstuffs to cult wines. The credo of all Karstadt Lebensmittel stores is: top quality with a very reasonable price performance ratio.

Karstadt Lebensmittel places great value on competent staff at the service counters in the individual specialist departments. For instance, for meat and sausage, cheese and fish as well as for bread and baked goods. For customers in a hurry there is a choice of freshly packed goods at the self-service counters.

In the wine and spirits department experienced wine consultants are at your service. The biggest Karstadt Lebensmittel delicatessens offer more than 1,200 different wines, Champagnes, sparkling wines and spirits.

Many of the Karstadt Lebensmittel delicatessens also have their own organic specialist departments. With a floor space of up to 200 square metres they are their own small realm with a large, meticulously composed product portfolio. The range of products includes around 3,500 different articles.