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In-store quality assurance

The quality files

To ensure that a consistently high level of quality is maintained within our stores, REWE Group has developed a series of supporting documents such as quality assurance manuals and hygiene schedules. After all, quality is a process that begins with planning. Maintaining an exceptionally high level of cleanliness and hygiene is essential – especially in areas where staff handle unpackaged food, such as the meat counter or fresh produce section. Hygiene schedules specify how often rooms and machines need to be cleaned and disinfected, as well as which cleaning products to use. In cooperation with our sales representatives, we have created ‘product passes’ for the production of fresh products. These define all of the processes in detail, including the selection of raw materials, hygiene during handling, and declarations. And to make sure our quality principles actually work the way we expect them to, our stores are monitored regularly by regional quality assurance officers, for example, by means of in-store inspections and detailed checklists.

Measuring what counts

Our customers quite rightly expect premium quality and fresh products at every store within the REWE Group. We can achieve this thanks to our quality management team, which is responsible for various activities, such as ensuring that the correct temperatures are maintained throughout the entire cold chain. After all, storage at the correct temperature from beginning to end is essential for the quality and safety of fresh, perishable foods. From production through transport and storage to sale in store, REWE Group’s cold chain is documented consistently and comprehensively using state-of-the-art measurement and control methods. We use innovative wireless sensor technology, for instance, to measure in-store product temperatures or to monitor temperature according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) with the latest in documentation and monitoring software.

Best before: A date you can rely on

Best before and use by dates are undoubtedly familiar to everyone. These specify the date by which a product can safely be consumed provided it is left unopened and stored correctly. REWE Group has developed binding rules of conduct in respect of best before and use by dates, which all stores must comply with.