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Our private label products

Welcome to the family

REWE Group offers a diverse range of high-quality private label products. Within Germany, REWE Group products can be found in both the food and non-food aisles at REWE, PENNY and Toom Baumarkt. The quality of our private label products is very important to us, which is why they are subject to particularly close scrutiny within our quality management programme. Before a private label product appears in store, both the product itself and its producer go through a rigorous specification and quality assurance process. Fundamental requirements are first defined in a briefing. This starts with the main constituent parts: How much cream should be in the creamed spinach? What is the maximum fat content of the salami? Decisions not to include specific ingredients, such as dyes, preservatives or flavour enhancers, are also made at this stage. In the non-food sector, we define product requirements on the basis of binding standards and EU directives, and all of our suppliers around the world have to adhere to these stringent specifications. Testing goes hand in hand with research – product tastings and independent analyses by external bodies are key criteria in the supplier selection process. If a product impresses us, we will add it to the product line. In most cases however, products undergo a development process in discussion with the producer. Once we are satisfied with a product, the defined quality is set down in specifications and agreed by contract. Our Quality Management department acts as an independent expert and adviser to purchasing and sales throughout the entire process.