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Naturally organic

Pro organic: More than a passing fad

Organic foods have been a part of our product lines for 20 years and are now way more than just a passing trend. The range today is enormous: in the fruit and vegetable section alone, some 50 types of organically grown produce are on offer every year, depending on the season. This makes us one of the largest organic food retailers in Germany. As such, we are helping to drive the further development of and transition to organic agriculture. Why choose organic? Organic food is produced using environmentally and animal friendly farming methods. Cows kept as dairy stock, for example, have the freedom to move about in the fresh air and graze on fresh grass. In the fruit orchards, we make sure that no synthetic chemical fertilizers, no chemical pesticides and no monocultures are used. In addition, the use of genetically modified plants or feed additives from genetically modified organisms is strictly prohibited. We monitor all of this ourselves regularly, immediately upon arrival, and also commission accredited inspection bodies to conduct product analyses in accordance with our own standards. Products that do not meet our exacting requirements never make it any further.