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Hygiene controls

Internal hygiene controls: Keeping a clean house

In the areas of hygiene and cleanliness, our QM department considers itself a service provider to the stores. Quality assurance manuals, hygiene schedules and formula specifications help the stores in the practical implementation of legal and internal requirements. Naturally, we ensure that these are also applied and monitored in every day practice in our stores. Systematic, unannounced inspections are made in various sections of the store, especially the meat counter, fruit and veg section, bakery and warehouse and processing rooms for example. The results are documented appropriately. Microbiological testing of certain products such as mince or products produced in the store itself is an additional measure to ensure that the food is safe.

External hygiene inspections: Squeaky clean

In addition to our internal inspectors, we also welcome external inspectors to our stores. All of our full-line stores are partners of organisations such as QS GmbH whose applied criteria go beyond the scope of standard statutory requirements. The external inspectors inspect the entire process chain for meat, fruit and vegetables, potatoes and fish, from the producer right through to handover to the consumer. In accordance with the internal control criteria, regular store inspections are conducted by independent external certification bodies to monitor compliance with all prescribed system criteria.