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Food of plant origin

Fruit and vegetables: crisp, diverse, healthy

Vitamin-rich fruit and vegetables have always made up an important part of our diet. Gone are the days when vegetables and salads were purely a side dish. Thanks to their wide variety and a wealth of mouth-watering recipes, they have been showing up more and more as main courses on our tables. Locally sourced fresh fruit is very popular nowadays: crunchy apples, juicy pears and sweet cherries are as much a menu staple as more exotic fruits from far-flung corners of the globe. When sourcing our fruit and vegetables, REWE Group stores only work with producers who are certified to QS or GLOBAL G.A.P. standards.

Crop protection is indispensable

Less can be more, and has to be when it comes to pesticide use. All fruit and vegetable agricultural producers that we work with are required to employ integrated agricultural practices, which means using fertilizers and pesticides responsibly, in moderation and in an environmentally compatible manner. We are guided by the principle of as much as necessary, as little as possible. With respect to pesticide residues, the standards that REWE Group sets itself go far beyond statutory requirements. Data from residue monitoring are evaluated in the “Statusbericht chemischer Pflanzenschutz” (LINK) and measures for improvement are developed together with the Austrian environmental protection organisation GLOBAL 2000. Transparency is key here. REWE Group is the only retailer in Germany to publish this status report which documents that, over time, total concentrations for average consumption have been reduced considerably.

The QS inspection system for fruit and vegetables: End-to-end quality guaranteed

Trust is good, control is better. That is why, in addition to our own obligatory inspections, we commission QS GmbH to subject our fruit and vegetables to an end-to-end inspection and documentation procedure which includes the entire production and marketing chain, from production, wholesale trade to the food retailer.

Bread and baked goods: Glockenbrot – So fresh, so good

Always fresh, always the highest quality. Every day. By following this simple principle, Glocken-Qualitätsbäckerei has gone on to become one of the most successful bakeries in Germany. In fact, this consistent quality was one of the reasons that prompted REWE Group to integrate Glockenbrot into the company back in 1986. In four special facilities, skilled, specially trained master bakers, pastry cooks and food technicians bake the bread, rolls and other delicious baked goods that are supplied to the REWE and PENNY stores every day. For everyone who likes to start their day with a freshly baked treat.