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Quality Management

REWE Group is synonymous with high-quality products. With a level of quality that must be assured at all times. Therefore, in the interest of our customers, we have developed an extensive system encompassing all stages of the value chain.

Forward Thinking. Acting in a controlled manner.

At REWE Group, we are forward-thinking and acting. This is why prevention is our primary focus in the development of our private label products – and the basis for our quality management activities along the entire value chain. For us, prevention rests on the following pillars:

Sustainability and organic production.

For foods of plant and animal origin, we are committed to only working with select agricultural producers who meet our strict criteria. Sustainability and organic production play an increasingly important role here.

Suppliers selection.

We pay very close attention to the quality of our private label products. Every stage is important, from product development and selection of the suppliers we hire for production, right through to regular and meticulous quality inspections.

The secret to keeping it fresh.

Think of freshness and you’re sure to picture crisp lettuce, a juicy apple or the vitamin-rich vegetables you see in store. Heat and sunlight, however, can soon impair the quality of fresh fruit and vegetables. At REWE Group, with our special product-based refrigeration and storage requirements, you can be assured that fresh really does mean fresh. This is all thanks to our specially defined quality controls and documentation, which come into play from the moment the produce is received until it reaches the shop floor.

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Keeping a cool head.

Keeping a cool head is especially important when transporting chilled produce from the warehouse to REWE Group stores. As is keeping the temperature in the required minus range. Products are transported exclusively in special refrigerated trucks – both from our own fleet and from external shipping companies. The latter are contractually obligated to assure delivery to the stores in conformity with legal provisions. The on-board temperatures are constantly monitored using special thermometers which continually show the current temperature of the shipment.

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Where we meet our customers.

REWE Group stores are our calling card and face to the customer. This is where we come into contact with our customers and where our customers literally come into contact with our products. In every store, our consistent commitment to quality ensures that all of our produce – fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat and fish – is fresh, day in, day out. This encompasses incoming goods inspections, in-store quality controls, as well as hygiene inspections.

Freshness guaranteed. From warehouse to home.

Out of sight, out of mind? Not for us! Our standards go beyond the sale of impeccable, high-quality products and extends right into our customers’ refrigerators. For one thing, our products are regularly scrutinised by consumer protection organisations; for another, our customer service appreciates all feedback, both critical and positive. Taking on board feedback and test results allows us to cater even better to our customers’ needs.