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2011 until 2013

January 2013
Poultry products bearing the PRO PLANET label are added to the REWE and PENNY ranges in January 2013. REWE Group requires producers of poultry bearing the PRO PLANET label to gradually lower the level of soybean meal from overseas sources used in their feed and to replace it with European protein sources. Genetically modified feed may not be used, and husbandry practices for poultry should be improved.

March 2013
The Supervisory Board of REWE Group extends the Management Board contracts of Manfred Esser and Frank Wiemer for five years each, ensuring continuity in the Management Board of REWE Group.
REWE Far East Ltd. holds its first supplier summit in Shanghai at the end of March. The conference is attended by the Top 100 suppliers. REWE Far East is REWE Group’s own purchasing and sourcing organisation with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bangkok.

June 2013
REWE Group is stepping up its commitment to more sustainable consumption. As part of this effort, it holds three dialogue forums with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), customers and experts from the worlds of business, science and politics in 2013. The names of the forums are “Resource Conservation”, “Animal and Plant Protection” and “Social Responsibility”. At the same time, sustainability weeks are held at REWE, toom consumer markets, nahkauf, PENNY, toom Baumarkt DIY stores and DER Touristik.

July 2013
REWE Group invests in securing its data-processing systems and lays the cornerstone for a new backup computing centre in Cologne-Porz.

September 2013
REWE Group, Henkel, Unilever and WWF create the “Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil” on 2 September 2013. The forum promotes more sustainable production of palm oil in such countries as Indonesia and Malaysia. The members have pledged to use only certified, more sustainably produced palm oil by no later than the end of 2014.

On 3 September 2013, REWE Group issues its “Guideline for Soy in Animal Feed” in a step that underscores its commitment to more sustainable feed production. By introducing the guideline, the company is working to make the soybean-meal feed used as a source of protein in the production of milk and dairy products, eggs and meat more sustainable and responsible. REWE Group is also a charter member of “Donau Soja”, an association dedicated to promoting the cultivation of non-genetically modified soybeans in the Danube region of Europe.

REWE Group achieves its initial climate target – cutting its CO2 emissions per square metre of sales area by 30 per cent by 2015 compared with the base year of 2006 – two years ahead of schedule. A new climate target is announced on 6 September 2013: By 2022, the company plans to cut its specific greenhouse gas emissions in half compared with the base year of 2006.

Five years after its introduction, Laviva, the women’s lifestyle magazine of REWE Group, has nearly 1 million readers and a paid circulation of more than 300,000 copies. As a result, it is one of Germany’s top-performing women’s magazines published monthly.

REWE Group acquires a minority interest in Home24 GmbH, Berlin. Home24 is Germany’s largest online furniture store.

REWE Group signs a new syndicated line of credit totalling 1.75 billion euros. The credit agreement with an international consortium of 21 banks has a five-year term and two extension options of one year each.

The cosmetic store brand “today” becomes REWE Group’s first group-wide store brand. The brand is available in all REWE and PENNY stores.

In September 2013, REWE Group releases its fifth Status Report on Chemical Pesticides. In this effort, REWE Group asked GLOBAL 2000 to test 100 different types of fruit and vegetables from 74 countries stored in central warehouses for pesticide residues. The result: 99.7 per cent of all samples fell below the acute reference dose (ARfD) set by WHO. The dose equals the maximum daily ingestion total of a child.

November 2013
REWE Group releases its third Sustainability Report at the Stakeholder Forum in Berlin on 7 November 2013. The report documents the far-ranging commitment of REWE Group in 2011 and 2012 to promote more sustainable development, outlining the strategic priorities, core issues, performances, opportunities and risks associated with this effort in a transparent and verifiable manner.
On 22 November 2013, REWE, PENNY and toom Baumarkt DIY stores receive the Gold Medal of the German consumer-protection initiative “Die Verbraucher Initiative e.V.” for their exceptional sustainability communications in retail.

December 2013
Dr Jean-Jacques van Oosten assumes the new position of Chief Digital Officer on 1 December 2013. He is also appointed a fully authorised representative of REWE Group at the same time.
Other executives who are named fully authorised representatives are Janusz Kulik (Management Board REWE International AG), Stefan Magel (Managing Director PENNY Markt GmbH and member of the Executive Board of National Discount Stores / Sales and Marketing) and Martin Orterer (Managing Director of REWE Markt GmbH and Management of National Full-Range Stores).

On 31 December 2013, REWE Group acquires the remaining 50 per cent interest in EHA Energie-Handels-Gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG. EHA is an energy service provider that focuses on companies with many locations and is one of Germany’s largest providers of certified green power.


REWE Group made its debut on the social web by launching its own Facebook fanpage in January 2012. This has enabled the company to communicate directly with any interested parties, consumers and other stakeholders. The new PENNY stores are distinguished by their modern and clear layout, which creates an open, friendly environment. In 2012 alone, some 600 stores were converted to the new concept.

In the second quarter REWE Group takes over 12 City Stores in the Moscow Area. The acquisition of the stores from the ENKA group were converted to the BILLA format and integrated into the existing sales network. Also REWE Group is Awarded German CSR Prize for PRO PLANET Label.

Also REWE Far East Ltd. opens its first Office in Asia and thereby bundles the procurement of all food and non-food articles which are purchased directly in Asia for REWE Group. The office in Hong Kong was the first of three sites to be opened in Asia in 2012. Office openings followed suit in Shanghai and in Bangkok.

In 2012 PENNY was the first discounter in Germany to introduce products under its own name. These are presented through a young and fresh design. By the end of 2012, the range already comprised over 200 products.

REWE Group appoints Dr. Christian Mielsch as CFO: The renowned financial and trade expert has been supporting the Management Board since September 2012. Furthermore REWE Group reorganizes responsibilities. Josef Sanktjohanser left the Management Board of REWE Group to enter into retirement. The fully authorised representative Reinhard Schürk joined the Management Board of REWE International AG in September 2012.

Also in the second quarter Travel and Tourism at REWE Group acquired 51 per cent of the Czech Exim Holding a.s. Exim is the number one travel agency in the Czech Republic and number two in Slovakia. BP and MERKUR introduced the new “MERKUR inside” concept to fi ve pilot petrol stations, offering a differentiated range of quality products in the convenience sector.

The third quarter starts with the Sustainability Weeks: During “Hallo Erde!” (“Hello Earth!”) REWE Group focused on more sustainable products in over 6,100 stores and travel agencies. The aim was to promote environmentally and socially responsible consumption.

REWE Regional is REWE’s new store brand for fruit and vegetables. This new brand expands the range of regional products. Depending on the season, the REWE Regional range comprises from ten to 30 fruit and vegetable products.

The new Slogan ”REWE. Besser leben.” (REWE. Live better.) highlights the importance of healthy nutrition, expresses enjoyment and places customers at the centre of its communication.

Dertour acquired 43 per cent of HolidayInsider AG, the leading online portal for holiday accommodation in Germany and German-speaking neighbours Austria and Switzerland.

REWE Donates over a Million Euros to SOS Children’s Villages REWE was able to use the proceeds from campaigns held during the sustainability weeks to build a school in Tema, Ghana. This will secure the schooling of 800 girls.


At the beginning of 2011 ADEG starts by repositioning, with a new store concept, range optimisation and the “ADEG mit Leib und Seele” (“ADEG with Body and Soul”) store brand. Hellweg and toom Baumarkt GmbH establish the new purchasing company DIY Union.

REWE Group publishes “Guidelines for Sustainable Business Practices” – The publication documents its basic values and recommendations for contractual partners.

In the branches and headquarters of Atlasreisen, DER Reisebüros and FCm Travel Solutions, computer workstations are virtualised. It is the first step towards the DER Cloud and the basis of the REWE Group’s multichannel sales strategy for Travel and Tourism.

In February BILLA establishes the new BILLA store brand. It offer high quality products with extra value at low sales prices.

toom Baumarkt DIY Store in Troisdorf opens in March. A customer-oriented store layout with a shop-in-shop system and a new signage system for enhanced orientation characterize the new concept.

With three stores in the Rhine-Main region, REWE launches into the online era with “REWE Online”. With just a click of a button, customers can buy food and collect it at the store later.

April: REWE tests a new concept for high traffic locations. REWE to go is an innovative and modern convenience concept, offering a real alternative to fast food chains, take-out restaurants and bakeries, with a broad range of fresh, healthy and delicious ready-to-eat products.

With the new marketing slogan “Erstmal zu PENNY” (“PENNY first”), the discounter of REWE Group launches its first national TV campaign in June. An innovative communication strategy and a range and process optimisation have given PENNY a new profile for the future.

The Management Board of REWE Group appoints Andreas Heimann as Managing Director of DER Deutsches Reisebüro GmbH & Co. OHG and assigns him the full responsibility for the largest German travel agency sales, comprising Atlasreisen and DER travel agencies.
With a new online shop, BIPA continues to expand its customer service and makes daily shopping easier.

REWE Group Appoints Two New Members of the Management Board – The Supervisory Board of REWE Group appoints Jan Kunath and Lionel Souque as members of the Management Board as of 1 July 2011. Jan Kunath will be responsible for the National Discount Stores segment and Lionel Souque for National Full-Range Stores.

Under the motto “Out of the Niche – Sustainability 2011”, representatives from non-governmental organisations (NGO s), associations and experts from politics, science and industry meet to discuss sustainable consumption in September. With the campaign week “Hello Earth!”, the sales lines of REWE Group enhance the ecological and social awareness of consumers in their stores and travel agencies. The International Full-Range Stores segment also takes part in the campaign week. Additionally, the second Management Report on Sustainability was presented during a stakeholder forum in Austria.
As the first food retailer in Germany, REWE Group establishes its own network system for processing girocard payments. During peak times, up to 100 transactions are carried out per second.
At the World Travel Awards 2011, the business travel expert is elected Europe’s best travel management company for the second time in a row.

November: DocMorris and REWE start their cooperation in the beginning of 2012. With regard to its palm oil strategy, REWE Group is the most sustainable food trader in Germany. This is the result of the palm oil scorecard published by the WW F (World Wide Fund for Nature). Dertour Strikes New Path with Target-group Catalogues “Familienurlaub ganz nah” (“Family holiday up close”) and “Dertour Gay Travel”.

December: REWE Group has extended its contract as the main sponsor of the football club 1. FC Köln by two more years. As a result, the name REWE will continue to appear on the team’s jerseys during the 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 season.