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We show responsibility. We show responsibility.

Without bees, there wouldn't be any apples. Without bees, there wouldn't be any apples.

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Health comes first. Health comes first.

Our healthcare support
Green Products

For the REWE Group, quality also means acting in the interests of the environment and of society.

This is why we continue to develop and market ever more sustainable products and services. Our range of environmentally-friendly products includes goods from the immediate region and our organic selections. With our own brands, we provide our customers with additional information using our PRO PLANET sustainability label.

Our sustainable products

Encouraging satisfaction, motivation and productivity.

Whether through healthcare support at the workplace, supporting a healthy work-life balance, or providing additional training, employees of the REWE Group can depend on fair and healthy working conditions.

REWE Group as an employer
Energy, Climate, Environment

Analysing weaknesses and developing effective solutions.

As a major trading and tourism group, the REWE Group contributes actively towards protecting the environment, while keeping itself competitive in the process. We are committed to three key areas: increasing energy efficiency, reducing emissions associated with climate change, and conserving resources.

How we act to protect the environment
Social Involvement

Supporting and sponsoring charitable projects.

We take our responsibility seriously and have committed ourselves to charitable associations and organisations on a national and international level. For example, the REWE Group has taken an active role in encouraging healthy eating in day-care centres and schools and in supporting local food bank initiatives. In the field of holiday and travel, we support sustainable tourism and sponsorship projects in the destination regions.

Projects and initiatives
Our quality management
Our quality management

Thinking with a mind to the future. Acting with a mind for discipline.

Quality and safety of products are our highst priority. Learn more about our acitvities to assure high-quality products.

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An award-winning company.

Our awards and prizes for our commitment to sustainability.

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