Wilhelm Brandenburg

Quality meat for REWE Group from premium and traceable production

The quality butcher shop Wilhelm Brandenburg supplies over 5,000 REWE Group stores (REWE, PENNY and toom) throughout the country from Frankfurt am Main, Timmendorfer Strand, Dreieichenhain and Netphen. Every year it delivers more than 137,000 tons of meat, sausages and cold cuts available both at the meat counter and in packages. In 2012, the turnover increased more than 8 per cent to 657 million euros.

Together with the REWE Group, the quality butcher shop Wilhelm Brandenburg focuses on efficient, first-rate production. All products are prepared by master butchers. Additionally, only specially selected ingredients are used during the production process at the four modern locations in Germany. Over 95 per cent of the fresh pork, which comes exclusively from Germany, and more than 50 per cent of the sausages and cold cuts meet the high quality assurance standards. And the trend is rising.

In addition to producing pre-packaged fresh meat, the facilities also produce the private-label brand sausages and cold cuts for the REWE supermarkets and PENNY Discount Stores. In the REWE stores, the private-label brands are "REWE Beste Wahl", "ja!", "Meisterklasse" and "Wilhelm Brandenburg". At PENNY, Wilhelm Brandenburg products are marketed under the label names "Heinz Wille", "Grafenwälder", "Mühlenhof", "Line", "Bauers" and "Timmendorfer". Many of these sausage Products and cold cuts are produced exclusively for the REWE Group sales lines in order to ensure that the private-label brands are produced in a transparent and safe way.

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