Laviva the Most Successful New Magazine Since 2006

For many people who are looking for an inexpensive present, this is a great tip which guarantees plenty of reading enjoyment: Laviva is now also available as an annual subscription costing only 12 euros including postage.

And Laviva has something else new for you: the Laviva eCoupon. The coupon is placed directly on the homepage of All you have to do is click the button "Download online coupon now", print it out and present it in your REWE supermarket at the check-out counter. This offer applies exclusively in the supermarkets participating in the scheme and as long as the goods are in stock. You can only cash in one coupon per household. The coupon can only be called up once.

And furthermore, in each edition of Laviva there are brand coupons, which can be used for saving up to 60 euros when you go shopping – on selected food, household goods, decorations and fittings, technical products and travel.

Laviva costs 1 euro and is available in all participating stores of REWE, PENNY, toom, toom Baumarkt and ProMarkt as well as in bookshops at railway stations and airports.

How do the discount coupons work?
Simply remove the original coupons from the magazine and present them at the respective stores or travel agencies. Here you should make sure you check the validity of the coupon and the booking conditions. These instructions are always on the back of the respective coupons.

Laviva is the most successful new magazine to enter the market in the last five years. This was the conclusion reached by the well-known industry service MEEDIA in its ranking, "The Top 50 New Magazines", published in mid-April 2011. The rankings are based on sales figures from the 4th quarter of 2010. "By taking this top position, Laviva has impressively demonstrated that success stories are still possible, even on the highly competitive German magazine market, when the concept is rock solid," says Martin Brüning, head of Corporate Communications/Public Affairs of REWE Group and co-managing director of REWE-Verlag. "This successful course continued during the first quarter of 2011 with an average of about 324,000 copies sold for each issue. Our income from advertising is currently 50 per cent higher than in the previous year."

The women's lifestyle magazine Laviva was initiated by REWE Group in 2008 and is currently managed by G+J Corporate Editors in Hamburg. The magazine reaches about 860,000 readers every month, corresponding to 1.2 per cent of the population. Most of the readers are women (95 per cent). As the average age of the readership is 41, Laviva successfully closes a gap among the monthly magazines for younger women.

A key success factor for Laviva is the double added value. Readers profit from the product coupons with a value of more than 60 euros in each issue while enjoying the high level of service, information and entertainment. At a price of 1 euro a copy, this offer is unique on the German press landscape.

Contents of Laviva's approximately 100 pages focus on topics such as food and beverages, fashion and beauty, travel and homes and lifestyle. Laviva appears monthly and is sold exclusively in the more than 7,000 stores around the country belonging to the REWE Group sales lines REWE, Kaufpark, Penny, Toom BauMarkt as well as at all railway stations and airports in Germany.

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